Patient Information From Accorde Orthodontists

As your Maple Grove orthodontics office, we strive to create relevant and informative patient information pages that help all of our patients prepare for their appointments. Whether you are seeking braces, aligners, or retainers, these vital information portals will provide you with the basic information you need to understand how to be a well-informed patient. This information will help you better understand what questions to ask when you come in for an appointment. That way, you will have a positive experience with braces in Maple Grove.

Information Pages

  • First Visit – Find out how to best prepare for your initial consultation. Learn what will happen during the appointment and what the goals of treatment will be.
  • FAQ – Learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked patient questions. This helps prepare patients to ask more specific questions about their treatment during the appointments, too.
  • Patient Forms – Download the patient information paperwork you’ll need to provide our office with. Prepare it early to streamline your visit when you come in for an appointment!
  • Smile Gallery – See some of our patients present their bright and brilliant smiles. See what you can expect from orthodontic treatments.
  • Emergencies – Sometimes, patients have orthodontic emergencies. They can happen because of unexpected trauma, dental issues arising, or simply as unintended consequences of a growth spurt. When you’re facing an orthodontic emergency, this information page will help you understand what steps to take to stabilize the situation and get help.
  • Brushing & Flossing with Braces – If you’re wearing braces, your oral care routine needs to shift to accommodate the challenges that your braces presents. Learn the best techniques to keep plaque and tartar at bay during your treatment.
  • Orthodontics & Dental Hygiene – Retainers and other orthodontics present an oral hygiene challenge of their own. This page teaches patients how to care for removable orthodontic devices in a safe and hygienic way.
  • When to See an Orthodontist – Are you questioning whether you need an orthodontic referral? Are there issues with your smile that you want to address, but you’re not sure how to ask? Find out when it’s time to come in for an appointment with this handy decision-making guide.
  • Make an Appointment for Orthodontics in Maple Grove

    If it’s time for you to get orthodontic treatment, come on in for a consultation. Learn what options are available to meet your goals, and find out more about the timeline for treatment and care for your orthodontic devices. You can schedule with online or by phone.